Asylum Harbour (2008)

Asylum Harbour (2008) – songs

cdcover1     Precious Days Indeed (Josh Johnston & S.J. McArdle)
2     Asylum Harbour (Josh Johnston & S.J. McArdle)
3     The Map (Josh Johnston & Anna Johnston)
4     Breathing Space (Josh Johnston & Elton Mullally)
5     In The Frame (Mark Conway & Paddy Slattery)
6     Lady MacDuffís Lament (Josh Johnston)
7     Midnight (Nick Burrage)
8     Once I Was A Pretty Girl (Josh Johnston & S.J. McArdle)
9     Empty World (Josh Johnston & Diana Segara)
10     Swimming On The Moon (Josh Johnston & Anna Johnston)
11     The Forty Foot (Ronan Swift)

Produced by Josh Johnston & Eoin O’Brien
Recorded & Mixed by Eoin O’Brien

Mastered by Brian Masterson

Josh has been writing songs and instrumentals with various co-writers since 2000, and has been looking for ways to broaden the sound of the music. Since January 2008, he has been performing this newer material live with a new band formed from musicians he met and played with elsewhere. Together they are giving conviction and enthusiasm to his new style of music. In various music rooms, garages and bedrooms throughout Ireland, Josh and the band have made a new CD, Asylum Harbour, a collection of original tunes inspired by the themes of home, identity and the search for calm in this mixed-up world.

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