Recorded Music

Josh Johnston


MindTravels – 2022

Solo Albums

Reasons To Fly (2022) – songs


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Where We’re Standing Now (2020) – piano solo

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Moon Landing – EP (2019) – songs

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The Art Of Saving Lives (2018) – songs

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The Shape of Things (2010) – piano solo

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Asylum Harbour (2008) – songs

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Three Friends (2001) – piano solos & songs



Close Your Eyes – Truly DiVine & Josh Johnston (2018) – vocal and piano







Notes Home – David MacKenzie & Josh Johnston (2008) – violin and piano

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A Minor Happiness – David MacKenzie & Josh Johnston (2004) – violin & piano instrumental

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Doug Kinch – Songs From Last Year (EP) 2018 production and piano on a short CD of songs by Dublin songwriter

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Hege Anita Skjaervik – Hege 2017

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Roesy – The Spirit Store 2002
Roesy – Only Love Is Real 2004
Roesy – Colour Me Colourful 2006

Josh spent 6 enjoyable years playing music with Roesy live and on record before Roesy departed to make a new professional and family life in Australia. Music from all three discs is available digitally from Roesy’s website.

SJ McArdle – Lancelot 2003
SJ McArdle – Year Of The Tiger 2005
Josh & Stephen McArdle have collaborated as writers and performers on many occasions. Josh performed on these two fine CDs which certainly deserve to be rediscovered. He also played in SJ’s band during the genesis of SJ’s highly-regarded recent album Old Ghosts In The Water, although he doesn’t appear on the album.  You can purchase Stephen’s albums from his website for the physical CD. All of these albums are shared on streaming partners including Spotify and Tidal.

The Lazy Band – In My Garden 2015

A collective of musicians and songwriters who convene once a month to play a free gig in Dublin. While I was a member, we recorded a CD. Where, I hear you ask. In my aunt’s living room in Galway. A great week was had by all. You can hear one track and purchase the album from the Lazy Band website.

Other discs that Josh has played on . . . . .

Kíla – Monkey 2001
Hank Wedel – Taking It In 2002
Breda Mayock – Pot Of Gold 2007
Peadar King – The Shadowlands 2011
Murmurations 2014
Dara MacGabhann – Release 2017

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Buying The CDs

There are links under most of the albums’ descriptions to buy them through Josh’s Bandcamp page, or via the other artists’ website in the case of discs where Josh has made an appearance on another artist’s work.

Bandcamp is very safe but you do have to register with them to send your credit card payment – if you’re not into the whole Internet Retail credit card thing, you are most welcome to send a cheque drawn upon a Irish bank account (made payable to Josh Johnston) for € 15 (each) to the following address and I’ll post you the disc.  Enquire if you would like to pay by Revolut.

Josh Johnston
18 McDowell Avenue
Mount Brown
Dublin 8

All these titles (other than Three Friends) can also be purchased from I-Tunes Music Store and many other internet music stores worldwide.

Please consider buying recorded music rather than streaming to support quality original music.  Thanks.

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