Sheet Music

Josh Johnston’s music is very improvisational and he encourages other musicians to improvise as well, even when playing his compositions. Despite this, he has received many requests for sheet music to performances from the album “The Shape Of Things”. I was happy to oblige and started doing this at the time.  As of now, I have three titles transcribed.  They are

* Peace (Nightsong 1)
* Saving A Life
* Missed Her On The Road

After some time of using Paypal buttons, we have set up a Bandcamp page for CD, digital and sheet music sales.  You can find links to buy the sheet music at the page for the The Shape Of Things CD (link above). The

There are no security devices on these files to stop you sharing it around all your friends – they’re straightforward PDFs. On the other hand, the system is done on goodwill so please do encourage your friends to buy their own copies rather than photocopying or file sharing.

Enjoy, and once you have the chords and the harmonies in your head, feel free and enjoy playing around with them. It’s fun.

Josh initially thought he would prepare more of these but quickly found it to be very time consuming as he wasn’t originally playing from score when he recorded them so it was basically a quite laborious transcription exercise of an incredibly spontaneous performance. If anybody would like a project to transcribe more of the performances, please make contact at and he’d be happy to discuss the idea. He’s happy to pay if the standard is high enough. In the meantime, please enjoy playing these ones and please encourage your friends to purchase their own copies rather than photocopying or file sharing. Thanks.

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