The Art Of Saving Lives (2018)

The Art Of Saving Lives

1. Winged Revolution  (Josh Johnston, Stephen McArdle, Doug Kinch & Anna Johnston)
2. Rain
(Josh Johnston & Doug Kinch)
3. Scattered
(Josh Johnston)
4. Moon Landing
(Doug Kinch & Josh Johnston)
5. Completely
(Stephen McArdle & Josh Johnston)
6. A Light In The Dark Of Night – only available on CD version
(Josh Johnston)
7. Missed Her On The Road
(Josh Johnston & Eoin O’Brien)
8. Story Of Us
(Josh Johnston & Eoin O’Brien)
9. Midsummer With Anja
(Doug Kinch & Josh Johnston)
10. Lines
(Stephen McArdle & Josh Johnston)
11. The Allnighter
(Josh Johnston, Doug Kinch & Eoin O’Brien)

Produced by Josh Johnston
Engineered by Eoin O’Brien, Michael Manning & Anthony Gibney
Mixed by Michael Manning
Mastered by David Montuy

Josh Johnston – Vocal, Piano, Wurlitzer Piano, Synth & Pipe Organ
Eoin O’Brien – Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Baking Vocal, Synth, Percussion
Martin Gruet – Bass
Cormac Dunne – Drums & Percussion
Carol Keogh – Vocal
Adam Fleming & Paddy Groenland – Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Tom Portman – Dobro, Pedal Steel & Electric Guitar
Aisling Bridgeman – Violin
Rory Pierce – Cello
Marco Francescangeli – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Bill Blacvkmore – Trumpet & Flugelhorn

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Josh’s first song-based collection in 10 years, The Art Of Saving Lives is comprised of 11 songs of love and life written or co-written by Josh. The band has been drawn from a long list of collaborators over the last twenty years making a full-sounding, passionate album that bursts with life.

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Radio / YouTube Singles from the album

Rain – September 2018
Completely – June 2018
Lines – April 2018

(c) 2018 Shandon Records

piano / composition / arranging