Spring 2018 – Lines

I spent a very enjoyable day today visiting the good folk at RTE (Ireland’s public broadcasting organisation) with 2 boxes of CDs, encouraging all and sundry to play tracks from my forthcoming CD The Art Of Saving Lives. The one at the top of my mind is a track about the trials of communication. Stephen (who co-wrote this one with me) and I wrote this a long time ago. In fact it’s the oldest song on the disc (more about the disc later). I thought, as this album is a little more mainstream than previous albums (and all the better for it in my humble opinion), that maybe I should highlight a few tracks as radio singles along the way. So the first radio single is this one and Chris Merton, a fellow I bumped into on my travels, has devised and directed it for me. Be kind. Neither of us have made a music video before but we have both worked hard at it, the children are lovely and definitely understand the concepts I’m singing about, and you get to see me masquerading as the moon getting Greek yoghurt smeared down my face. I’m very pleased with how Chris has mirrored my story with his. What’s not to like ?

for the song, we recorded the basic track as a four piece band, all of us playing together in the same room, no click. Then we told everybody who arrived in for the overdub sessions on all the other songs, to just play “something” over this. Sometimes I even told them what the chords were. The result was a little bit like the painting easel in the nursery kindergarten after a few of the messy kids have got into it. I think it sounds cool. I hope you do too.

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