Paul Simon Project #6 – Slip Slidin’ Away

If you haven’t been following the Paul Simon Project page, you may not be aware that I have been uploading various videos steadily through the year. Six are now available to view through YouTube and Facebook.

1. America – Carol Keogh (19th January 2019)
2. April Come She Will – Paj (19th January 2019)
3. Rene And Georgette Magritte (With Their Dog After The War) – Gillian Tuite (5th May 2019)
4. Still Crazy After All These Years – Rob Molumby (5th May 2019)
5. You Can Call Me Al – Ailie Blunnie (19th January 2019)
6. Slip Slidin’ Away (uploaded 24th September 2019) – Adam Fleming
Filmed May 5th 2019 in Josh’s living room, Dublin 8

Only ever released as a single, this 1976 song was nonetheless a popular single and remained a live favourite at Paul Simon concerts up to and including his farewell tour in 2018. From the moment we’re born we die. Dressed up in a soulful groove.

Dublin guitarist Adam Fleming is known as the guitarist in Ana Gog. He has recently kickstarted a solo career and also plays as a duo (The Final Stations) with singer Sinéad Toomey.

Adam’s most recent solo single, Victory on YouTube

Adam on Facebook

Adam Fleming – Guitar & lead vocal Adam on Facebook
Rob Molumby – Bass & backing vocal
Josh Johnston – Piano & backing vocal
Jane Willow – Bodhrán & backing vocal
Gillian Tuite – Backing vocal
Marco Francescangeli – Clarinet