Pre-Order Reasons To Fly – a new Josh Johnston CD

I’m in the closing stages of putting my forthcoming album Reasons To Fly together – the album is mixed and is about to be mastered. This album is a collection of songs written by me and with other writers, as well as one cover of a Loudon Wainwrght III song. The three singles I have released since September 2021 are all on it. I am very excited to share it with the world.

The cover is in process and I have made arrangements to work with various PR consultants to ensure the album gets listened to at radio and media. The process of putting out an album and readying it for release costs money. After the difficult 2 1/2 years we have had, money is in shorter supply than it might normally be. For this reason, I’m inviting friends and supporters to pre-order their copy of the album via a donation on Paypal – you don’t need to have an account, you can just pay with a debit or credit card.

Much like other crowdfunding models in the past, I’m offering different “rewards” based on the amount of your donation. That said, no amount is too low or too high. Each reward comes with a large amount of gratitude from me to you.

To donate, click on the Paypal Donate button below and enter your chosen amount on the next page – I’ll be in touch in due course about your reward.


> €10 MP3 or WAV download of the album
> €20 MP3 or WAV downloads of the album + Where We’re Standing Now, my last piano solo album from 2020
> €25 signed CD copy of the album, posted worldwide
> €40 signed CD copy of the album + Where We’re Standing Now (CD)
> €60 signed CD copy of the album + 2 tickets to launch gig (Dublin, June 2022)
> €100 complete CD back catalogue
> €200 house concert in Ireland (solo) (possibly UK and Europe if it can be scheduled with other engagements)
> €500 house concert in Ireland (with small band) (possibly UK and Europe if it can be scheduled with other engagements)

To be honest, at the upper scale, I admit to not really having a clue what people want from rewards – when I do these things, I just want the CD and am happy to support. I mention house concerts here as I’m really looking forward to playing this music but if you have other ideas, or you’d like to combine rewards, let me know by email.

Thank you for continuing to support quality original Irish music.